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[Jewelry Attractions] Bali

Hi again all- I will be in Bali at the end of august and was
wondering if anyone out there in orchid land could provide information
on sights not to miss. I would like to see some of the goldsmiths
working there, the better galleries , and any other non- jewelry
highlights like hiking ,diving ,kayaking etc.

Thanks, Scott Empey - Prism Designs- email

Hello Scott, one of the non-siters to try and see is the tradition of
horn comb making also there done still from tortoise shell ,these
combs are a part of the traditional clothing from that part of the
world,a craft that was explored by many fine art nouveau-deco period
artists very stunning from any time period. ENJOY YOUR TRIP, Tom.

Hi Scott, Bali is such a fantastic place. I spent a while up in Ubud,
the area they call “mountanous” and around there you can hire a bike
and ride around the area. This is where a lot of the jewellery makers
and wholesalers are and it is interesting to cylce to all the
different shops. Although there is no real interaction they are just
there for the tourists. If you can avoid Kuta but you should head
further down the coast (though i can’t remember the name of the
village) to where all the artists hang out. It was a while ago i was
there but i hope some of this info is good? Cheers Tessa

Why don’t you give us a report on how much can be saved by purchasing
Bali beads directly from Bali?

In fact, if the savings are enormous, why don’t you establish a
direct purchasing link for Orchidians? (Or, is it orchidites?)

Or, you could just enjoy yourself and get a good tan…