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[Jewelry Attractions] Austin, Texas, Boston

Hello, I am a metalsmith from Europe. I shall be visiting the U.S.
in May - a week in Austin, Texas then ten days or so in Boston and
surrounding area. Can anyone recommend galleries, museums etc with
particularly interesting metal, jewellery or contemporary craft
collections in those places? Thanks, Margaret Jackson

Margaret I am on the west coast so am not very familiar with the
Boston area or Austin,Tx relating to galleries, museums, etc. I hope
others on the list who know those areas will be willing to respond.
Nonetheless, my initial reaction to your e-mail was to ask for a
trade - but I have nothing immediately to offer. Come to San Diego
or Los Angeles and I will be happy to give you In the
meantime - would you tell us, who occasionally travel to Europe, of
artisan jewelry galler ies in Europe?? Thank you (in anticipation of
your response)

Sherry Reed

There’s Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge that I visited a few years ago.
They’re a very good contemporary jewelry, etc gallery. Check their
website at I’m familiar with another gallery
that is (or was) in Boston proper on that busy shopping street, but I
can’t remember its name right now. I’ve heard of another one in
Worchester, near Boston but can’t think of its name either. Sorry.
Mobilia is great though!


There are many independently-owned galleries in Austin, and in San
Antonio (1.5 hour drive away on major interstate freeway) - but I
don’t have a comprehensive list and not many concentrate exclusively
on fine craft. Try to find out about the Austin Fine Arts Festival, a
major annual outdoor show in May. I don’t remember the weekend, not
much help. FYI expect daytime outdoor temperatures as high as 95
degrees F at this time of year and humid, too - but average highs
more like 85 and could be lots lower if storms move through.

If you can venture as far as Houston, 150 miles from Austin on major
highways and interstates (2.5-3 hour drive here, between metropoli
are wide-open spaces…), a wonderful new gallery opened in september
’01: the Houston Center For Contemporary Craft. I live in Houston;
we have always suffered with very few contemporary/fine craft
galleries (last 15 years anyway) and this space opened with a
travelling show from the ACM in New York - they are serious!
Unfortunately that show closed 12/31, I don’t know what’s up next in
the exhibition space. They also have a retail gallery. A one-page
site is at, but no info on upcoming events;
you’ll have to navigate their voice mail for that unless the site is
built-out further. Site doesn’t have postal zip code! (it’s 77002)
I’ve had some kaleidoscopes in their shop and selling well in $60 -
$200 price ranges. FYI their location is right in the “museum
district” here; within the same 2-mile radius you will find Museum
of Fine Art Houston, Contemporary Art Museum, Museum of Natural
History with planetarium and Cockrell Butterfly Center, Children’s
Museum of Houston, Holocaust Center, and Houston Zoo. There are many
commercial art galleries in town as well, and some of the ones with
art-other-than-paintings are right in the same area.

I hope that helps. I’m not a jeweler but I know several so contact
me if you want Houston-area friends or if you do head this way maybe
it will be at the right time for a Houston Metal Arts Guild meeting.