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Jewelry artisans in S.CA

Hi all,

I am looking for other jewelry artisans in the south central section
of CA. I am in Ventura and would like to try to get together (create
a group possibly) with others to discuss marketing, techniques, and
just plain socialize.

jennifer friedman
Ventura, CA

Metal Arts Society of Southern California provides for participation
in periodic workshops in the field of metal working and other related
areas. Workshops are offered throughout the year and are conducted by
renowned artists from all over the country. Members also receive
five issues of the MASSC newsletter (yearly) that provides
interesting articles on workshops, bench tricks, and other areas of
interest to it’s members.

Where I met Charles Lewton-Brain and Harold O’Connor, which changed
my life. And I lived in Ventura or Ojai at the time!

Richard Hart

I am probably going to move down to Los Angeles inside the year, but
I just looked on a map and I guess that isn’t very close to Ventura
at all. Regardless, I’m interested in what you find out. I’ve driven
90 miles to attend SCA events in the past.

Have you asked around for metalworkers in your local group? Ventura
is in the Shire of Darach, isn’t it? Their Arts & Sciences page makes
it sound like they’ve got a pretty good woodworking group. When I
found the last shire I was in, one of the woodworking guys there
happened to be a wax carver who made pewter castings, and both he and
his brother liked to dabble in blacksmithing.

Willis Hance

Count me in, Jennifer.

Todd Welti
Living Color Opal and Intarsia