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Jewelry and art/Teaching and Charles


I appreciate the fact that there are excellent teachers,
lecturers, and department chairs, who actually step out into the
real world and teach their students to do the same.
Unfortunately, there may not be many of them. I have a feeling
that you are equally comfortable in a classroom, board room, or
at a bench. I used to be in the medical field, and the saying
was that internists know everything, surgeons do everything, and
those that neither know nor do, teach. Usually, the ones that
taught, were useless in an emergency room, delivery room, etc.
Most would be the last ones to be offended by this observation.
Now watch, I’ve probably made a whole bunch of other people
angry! So Charles, don’t be offended, a whole generation of
jewelers are grateful for your expertise and generosity with
your experience and help.

Will you be giving any classes or workshops in California in the
near future? please let me know. Thanks, Ruth

Hi all, I feel rather acutely embarassed by having let go the
other day, my apologies for having done so, we are generally
quite polite on the list.

Johns email made me smile (and I must admit to having some very
incompetent colleagues), all these sayings must be based on some
kind of truth. But I know many good teachers I respect who can
indeed make it in ‘real life’ as well, also I feel there is ever
more pressure from students to expect more from their education
and their instructors these days, who desire and ask for more
real life skills and expertise and the slow ponderous thing that
is educational institutions slowly responds. I think that things
will get better for the student over time. Charles

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