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Jewelry 3D


Hi Jeffrey, I’m fairly new to 3D. I’ve been using Jewelspace since
it’s inception. I just recieved Matrix on Monday and absolutely
love it. I have been using Gemvisions Digital Goldsmith for about 4
years and have had Great success with 2D which is what prompted me to
move to 3D.

I’ve been looking at systems for the past 2 years and chose
Jewelspace to get my feet wet and just Decided at the NY JA show to
move on with Matrix. I also purchased Gemvsions new REVO mill as

I’ve been dabbling with milling with some success using a MAX NC
tabletop mill.

I would like to hear more from you. Feel free to contact me off

Kevin Fertenbaugh
Hasko Jewelers


I’ve been using FormZ, primarily for logo work, and using a Roland
MDX-15 for milling blue carving wax. I read recently in an article
in JCK that there was a fast cutting plastic that can withstand the
temperature and pressure of vulcanized molds. I saw something
similar to this in Rio’s catalogue, and have ordered some to try.
They have very limited sizes of this material. Are you familiar
with this material, and what exactly it is, and where to purchase in
a variety of thicknesses and sizes? Any insight would be greatly

Andrea Carnahan