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[Jewellry Attractions] Nova Scotia

Hi all, My wife and I are soon to be 'cycling (tandem) along the
Evangelline Trail to Halifax. Any Orchidians out there know of
interesting jewellry (and enamel) attractions we ought take a look

David in Victoria BC
where it has been really windy the past few days

Hi David,

A lot of what is readily accessible in Nova Scotia is located in
Halifax. Check out the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, in downtown
Halifax; also it might be interesting to look in on the Nova Scotia
College of Art & Design (NASCAD) jewelery making facilities (arrange
this with Pam Ritchie 902 494 8232). The Nova Scotia Metal Arts Guild
meets once a month, check with goldsmith Don Bell, (902 835 2623) an
all round real nice guy whose workshop is at 2 Division Street, in
Bedford NS. Don would be your best bet to network with to find out
who is where and doing what. Downtown on Barrington Street the
"Fireworks" gallery of custom jewelry is worth a visit.

If you’re into stones and minerals also (as I am) check Doug
Wilson’s “Mineral City” shop in the Historic Properties mall (902 425
0241). If you’re really up for an adventure go to Scots Bay on the
Blomidon Peninsula and ask a local how to find “the ropes”. That’s
what they’re been called since forever. This is a trail through the
woods which in turn leads to a path down the 400 foot cliffs to
Amethyst Cove on the Bay of Fundy shore below. Locals and mineral
collectors have for years strung fishermens rope down this path to
help with the ascent & descent. This can be scary if you’re not into
heights. Ask Doug for more detailed directions.

And if you’re coming through New Brunswick take up contact with me -
although I doubt my chaotic workshop fits the "interesting"
attraction designation.

Cheers, Hans Durstling Moncton, Canada.