Jewellery? what to make next?

When considering what to make next, have you ever considered a
walking stick collar? When a walking stick is made, except for the
type which has a steam bent crook handle, they are usually composed of
stick and handle separately. The join is reinforced with a piece of
8mm x 8cm threaded steel rod which sits in a hole in the handle and
the stick, held firmly in place with epoxy resin. (used to be natural
resins like shellac in the days before epoxies) Hiding the place
where the pieces touch is usually a metal collar, silver in the case
of an expensive stick. Such an epoxied in collar which need be only
0.5mm thick, can be embellished with all sorts of ideas, set with
coloured stones, inlay, what have you. They make a very nice
presentation item to an elderly person. and can fit the presentee’s
personality. My mate used to run a commercial orchard, and went gold
fossiking in the local river as a hobby. He is delighted with his
walking stick of native woods, the handle mounted with a sterling
collar bearing an agate pear and jade apple, bezel set, a little gold
nugget and his phone number engraved. The total weight of sterling
was 14 grams - about NZ$5 I’ve made others of course. Find a
craftsman who makes sticks and offer to customise the collar!
Forgive me for mentioning all this, but it is yet another variety of
jewellery. So now, cheers and “…Han’ me down mah walkin’ cane; gotta
catch the midnight train…” –

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ