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Jewellery Month in New Zealand

A proposal is developing here to stage ‘Jewellery Month’ (working
title) in Auckland in November 1999. It will be 4 weeks of
co-ordinated events relating to Contemporary Jewellery -
exhibitions, performance, publications, workshops, seminars,
education, panel discussions, artists talks and debates
involving national and international contributors. More details

THE REQUEST I’m asking here in Orchid and Artmetal and if anyone is interested in joining forces with
us on this ‘Jewellery Month’ venture. May be you are planning a
trip to New Zealand (or to Australia and can hop across the
Tasman ‘ditch’). We’d welcome any proposals that can get you
across her e and joining in on the events. You’ll see a whole heap
of NZ jewelelry-relat ed activities.

We’re applying as a group to our New Zealand Arts Council to
fund a co-ordinator who will promote the events, produce the
posters and publications, and jolly us all along, making sure it
all gets , um, co-ordinated. Individuals doing shows or
workshops, etc, are to do their ow n setting up of venues etc, and
seek funding where necessary for their events