Jewellery making and pregnancy


I know this has been covered before but from what I can see it’s
mainly about people who do this for a living. I’ve just started a
course this week which lasts for 20 weeks all together and I’m 9
weeks pregnant. It’s 2 3/4hours a week and I suppose I might solder
one or two things each week. My question is do I really have to
worry? I was thinking of taking a smal bence fan to plug in to blow
any fumes away from me.


I am not a professional jeweler and do not know about the effects of
fumes on the fetus, but here is my experience:

When I was pregnant I did not chance anything. I stopped soldering
and held my breathe around anything questionable. I would talk to
your doctor and tell her exactly what kind of fumes you will be
around and get her advice. My overall feeling about everything and
safety in pregnancy falls into this category is “If it looks unsafe,
then it probably is and if it feels unsafe it definately is.”

Educate yourself and make a decision you are comfortable with. Maybe
if I had looked into it more I could have continued soldering, but I
did not feel comfortable with it so I didn’t. I have seen pregnant
women working in mills around all kinds of fumes and apparently
thier doctor said it was okay, but I wouldn’t have done it.

Good luck and congratulations on the pregnancy!

Casey Bowman

course this week which lasts for 20 weeks all together and I'm 9
weeks pregnant. It's 2 3/4hours a week and I suppose I might

Some metals classes require a doctor’s note allowing you to take the
class. Some doctors and midwives would recommend that you wait until
after 12 weeks.

Some women choose to stop metalwork completely for 9 months. Others
change their activities. Others improve the safety in their shops.

Read a lot, ask questions, review the archives here. Only you and
your health care providers can decide.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

I was pregnant in '01. A student at UofO in Oregon and involved with
the metals program. I was at the solder table til early june and
delivered a healthy home baby in early July. She’s perfect mentally
and physically. The big factor was being very careful about the flux
b/c of the flouride. I suspect the fumes might make some women ill,
but I was fine. I suppose the only difficulty about being pregnant
and metalworking was my big belly would get hot cause it was closer
to the torch and my fingers got plump and stupid