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Jewellery induction soldering

I will like to know if any member have experience or opinions about induction soldering, I was intrigued by a Stuller video showing an operator soldering a small four prong stone mount using an induction generator (Note that I am not talking about metal melting). I did tinkered a bit with a home made machine and managed to solder a ring and heat pieces and bits of metal to solder temperature. Browsing commercial and academic literature I found nothing about jewelry soldering. Thank you.

I found nothing on Stuller’s website by seaching on ‘induction’, ‘induction soldering’ or ‘induction generator’. Can you provide a link?

Neil A

watch the video at about 1:15 minutes

The video on Youtube is titled "Stuller Die striking department " watch minute 1:15


this looks like the induction setup
(coils heat) (i saw larger setups online for heating crucibles for melting metal)

this looks like a capacitive discharge welder (tack welder) set up…?


here is a bigger, crucible version…

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I bought a couple of HR Superior electric soldering machines a couple of years ago. Still working on the process. I am hopeful, as it seems to localize heat better than torch work. Supposed to work on anything from light prongs up to heavy shanks, depending on the setting. With heavy use, I’ll likely use a dedicated electrical supply circuit. I don’t know if I’d call this “induction”, but perhaps so. You attach a circuit to the item to we welded, then complete the circuit with a carbon electrode. Clean surface, and fluxing seems critical. When circuit completes properly, solder flows cleanly. I’m kind of “old school”, but then, my favorite car is a '63 Grand Prix. …