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Jewellery in Paris

Hi Everyone,

I am going to be in Paris at the end of the month for a few weeks.
Are there any must see jewellery suggestions?

I know where to see historical jewellery and Cartier but I am hoping
someone has suggestions for contemporary art-jewellery and
metalwork. No gallery within the reach of the metro will be
considered too small to seek out!


Hi Laurie,

In Paris don’t miss:

  • Galerie Helene Poree, 1 rue de l’Od=eon Paris 75006, (Metro

  • Galerie Naila de Monbrisson, 6 rue de Bourgogne, 75007 Paris
    (Metro Varenne / Assemblee Nationale)

  • Musee des arts decoratifs, galerie des bijoux, rue de Rivoli (next
    to the Louvre Museum)

Check opening days and hours first !

Have fun, Linda Savineau (Paris and contemporary jewelry are my 2
passions !)

please contact me off-list if you want more info: