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Jewellery by Chris Bailey

hi everyone,

i’ve been a relatively qyiet member of this community for a while
now - just got my website/gallery finished so i thought i’d post a
link here.

if anyone gets a chance to have a look, feedback’d be much

chris bailey
wet wales

Hi Chris,

My first impression is your web site is fantastic! Fast and direct.

Your jewellery is intricate and appealing. How you carve the wood is
a mystery; I guess laser cutting with hand finishing but no need to
tell if you don’t want to.

I would have to try on the Celtic Ring 1 to see if it is
comfortable, and handle the Celtic Bangle1 to see if will retain it’s
shape with daily abuse.

You are off to a flying start and have a unique blend of Celtic art
and interesting materials.

All the best, Alastair

Hi Chris

Looks like some good work on both the website and the jewelry. My
only constructive comments would be the use of “album” in front of
the various galleries. ( It seems a bit redundant) and possibly the
need do better color balance / lighting / image sizing on the photos.
It looks like you are using a tent style lighting setup and a nice
background for the pics. This is good, but pay attention to the
amount of light from all sides.

example: Celtic ring one is just plain dark. the 2nd view, while
having somewhat higher light level, is dark on the right side.
Another ring, the snake butterfly, is soooooo interesting, but you
don’t have a good view of it. The view you show has either a bad
color balance, or a reflection of something (red?) outside the
picture reflecting off of the left side’s “snake”.

So, A) light 'em good, B) get a buddy who is fluent with photoshop
to do the size/ pixels per inch/ color levels and balance thing if
you aren’t able. C) Keep shooting and play with the lights till it
looks good! Digital pictures are cheap if you’re the one taking them.

I am enamored with Celtic designs having made my first trip to
Ireland last year. I sketched everything from 15th century headstones
to modern Cork life. So while I just love your Celtic Ring #1, i’m
curious if this ring “wears” ok. You were definately thinking out of
the Celtic box when you made that one! It is so hard to come up with
a design that isn’t “already out there”. good luck


hey… i really liked ur work…wd be nice to include a writeup
about yourself… makes you seem more accessible and real

gdlk pallavi

hi steve,

thanks for the comments.i used web foto gallery software “Gallery2”
(open-source software) and customised it best i could. you’re right
about the use of “album”- not sure if i can get rid of it or not -
i’ve had great fun delving into the depths of php already! i’ll have
a go tho, i think.

i’m a complete novice when it comes to photography! these were the
first pix of this kind i’ve ever taken. (only pointed-&-clicked
holiday snaps until now). i bought a light tent in maplins, a
digital camera with manual override, & two daylight bulbs - never
heard of “colour balance” till all the pix came out distinctly pink!
i got photoshop too, but i’m not sure quite what to do with it yet-
its going to be a looooong learning curve i think!

i’ve always loved celtic & islamic knotwork all my life - it never
ceases to thrill me


hi alastair,

Your jewellery is intricate and appealing. How you carve the wood
is a mystery; I guess laser cutting with hand finishing but no need
to tell if you don't want to. 

i use handtools mostly - that’s the joy of it for me!

the celtic ring is an attention-grabber, at least!


thanks pallavi!

you’re right, at the mo the site is just gallery software & its a bit
of a problem fitting in other sorts of pages! i’ll have to get on it


my favorite is celtic bracelet 1, and especially the clasp!!, i
don’t believe that the wood is laser cut but if it is really
cool!, now you just need to learn to make handmade chain to put
the kill effect on those gorgeous pendants, and let us not forget
the aviary section- owl and hawk rings, dp