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Jewellery Arabia 2001 Show

Hello fellow jewelers, I was wondering if any of you will be
attending or are participating in the show taking place this week in
Manama, Bahrain called Jewellery Arabia 2001. It is the biggest in
this area and maybe in the world as far as money and expensive items
go. It will be the first time I will be going as I just moved here
from Saigon this last summer. I just wanted to know if there was
anyone going and would you like to meet up at the show , if you are
selling or somewhere if visiting? I know a few nice restaurants by
now and it would be good to meet a fellow orchidian one of these

Let me know as I plan on visiting it Thursday morning and maybe
again Friday.

Sharron in getting cooler, but not cool Bahrain trying to keep the
sand out of my computer and motors.

Hi Sharron,

Please visit stand 817 (The Directorate of Precious Metals &
Gemstone Testing) and ask for me. I live in Bahrain and would be
happy to meet you. However, I won’t be around on Thursday morning,
but any other time I should be there.

All the best - Nick Sturman