Jeweller's lamp

Orchid input, please: I would like to purchase a magnifying lamp to
clamp on to my workbench. Incandescent? Fluorescent?? Features to
look for??? Thanks for help.


Andy, I just saw some of each type at an Office Depot on clearance.
The “Ott” light now preferred by many jewelers, chain makers and
beaders are sold there for half of what the jewelry catalogs charge,
on a regular basis. This is a type of fluorescent, with a very true


I’m also looking to upgrade my lamp, and I’d be interested in
anyone’s suggestions. One thing that I’d like in a new lamp is greater
length of arm and reach. Mine never seems to extend far enough to put
the light where I need it. Also, I’d like sufficient flexibility for
the magnifying element to closely approach my bench pin, rather than
springing back and whapping me in the face unexpectedly, as my
current lamp does.

Janet Kofoed

Janet: Well now, you see how we’re ALL teachers here on Orchid???
You may have thought you were just joining in the search for lamp info
with me–but in fact you’ve taught me something to look for in a good
lamp: it never would have occured to me to check a lamp’s ‘whap
factor’… –