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Jewellers injection wax

Hi Daniel (I think that’s your name). Your appear to do a lot of
casting, and must use quite a bit of wax. May I ask what type of wax
you prefer for your casting. Also the price per kilogram. I have used
an american brand and have found it rather expensive. I now use a
brand of Twain wax which gives the same results as the american wax.
The price of the Twain wax is R 55-00 (US$ 7-50) per kilogram. The
green wax is flexible and easily workable. To the provider of the
informative Orchid site - Thankyou. Regards.

Hello Edwin, I use a number of different waxes… primarily , I use
Kerr Green tuffy wax at lower temperatures than they recommend… on
an automatic mold clamping and injection system that I designed . Due
to all this… I throw away the book on waxing as the injection
temperatures and pressures they normally recommend do not work with
my methods.We use no powders or sprays on our molds this way and
achieve very smooth castings. The recommended temperature for green
tuffy is 155- 165 oF. We run at 140 oF but this won’t work with
standard wax pots . This wax is easily cleaned and filed if it becomes
neccessary to modify a wax pattern.It is available from and other suppliers. Hope this helps. Daniel
Grandi Casting & finishing in gold,silver,bronze/brass and pewter for
people in the trade

Hi Jagman, thanks for your reply. Scanned the website of the supplier
you gave. It appears consumers in the states are paying $ 6.00 per
pound (454 grams) for their injection wax. Here the price is $7.00 per
kilogram (1000 grams). Quite a price difference. The wax here compares
in my opinion very well with the “tuffy” wax. So I’ll stay with it.
Regards. Edwin.