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Jewellers groups in Oz

Kym and Lawrence,

Just an aside, do you know of any jewellers groups in Oz, that are

Just a place where novices such as myself can share ideas and have
workshop days?

Regards Charles A.

Hi Charles

Sorry, can’t really help. Maybe contact the Gold & Silversmiths
Guild or local TAFE. Where are you based?


HI Charles

Where in Australia are you? Maybe we could set up a group? I am in


Hi Lawrence,

Thanks anyway :frowning:

I’m sort of after something very informal, brain storming sessions,
that kind of thing.

I’m already studying at TAFE.

Regards Charles A.

Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group Australia. JMGA GAFFA. Sydney.
Gallery and workshops. Kit and Caboodle. Blog:

Hi Charles and also Michelle -

Have either of you contacted your local branch of the Jewellers &
Metalsmith’s Group of Australia - (JMGA or JamJar for short!). Most
branches meet monthly, and can be a good way to meet people with
diverse skills and an interest in sharing them!

Google and go from there!

Jane Walker

Charles is in Sydney I recall and I’m in Brisbane so face to face is
a tad difficult.


HI There are active groups in each State. Jewellers and Metalsmiths

( J.M.G.A.) Elaine