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Jeweller's Chat Room

I see a lot of interest in a live time connection for jewellers. I
will set an Undernet channel in place for the members of Ganoskin
bulletin board. To stabilize the channel I need to apply for a
channel ‘BOT’ (this is a software program that keeps the channel
open and permanent). The ‘BOT’ basically manages the site, keeping
it available 24 hours a day, year round.

To use the channel you will need to download the software to use
IRC (Internet Relay Channel)…I recommend mIRC
(, it is easier
to use than other software for IRC that I have used. It’s authors
ask a $ 15.00 (US) remittance if you decide to keep and use the
software…an excellent value and is used to fund software updates
and improvements.

Those that are interested (You need ten sponsors), please email
me. A sponsor merely means that Undernet management will contact
you to verify that you wish to have a channel devoted to jewellery
needs. Ten people is the minimum number of interested parties they
feel necessary to establish a permanent channel. As of last
communication there was no charge to set up a channel.

For those wishing more on this service the Website is
at . While there are other nets
available, the Undernet is the most well know and easiest to find
for those searching, but also can be the busiest as to connecting.

Lester P.