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Jewelery iPod software?

I’m preparing for takeoff. I have all materials I need to work
sterling, including the sterling.

Honey-do’s for the winter are all done.

Reorganizing shed because I’m tripping over my own stuff and I want a
workspace where I know what I am doing before I begin to get serious.

Over the summer I scanned every single back issue of various jewelry
magazines to view on PC.

But I recently received an old iPod from a relative and it’s going to
be nice to be able to have my entire reference library on my iPod
while I’m doing stuff.

Anyone have recommendations for jewelry-related assistant or
calculator software for the iPod rev 4.2.1e

Andrew Jonathan Fine

There is an app for iPod/iPad called Metalsmith Suite put out by Tim
McCreight which I quite like. It has some great conversions and
pricing calculations for metals based on the most recent Kitco spot
pricing available. However due to Apple releasing the os6 for the
most recent iPad, the app is not working or available right now. I
emailed Tim about this and he says they are updating the app and it
will be available in a couple weeks.

I think it cost me 3.99 and it’s worth it. Even just as a quick
reference or estimator. Once it is re released, I am fairly sure it
will still work with any previously released software on an older