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Jewelery Insurance before and after a show

Hello Orchids

I am going for the first time on abig jewelery show the (JA NY) So I
thought may be you all experienced jewelers can give me some usefull
peices of advice. *Generelly I need any any little peice of advice
that might be useful during the show *Specifically I have a problem in
transportation and insurance I am not a US citizen so I don’t know the
usual tricks so please I need assistance I need to Know How I can
insure my stuff on days when the show is over and before the show
starts The show organizers don’t seem to care much about this problem I
would be gratefull for any small advice


Sergio - Insuring your merchandise at a show and going and coming is
usually part of your jewelry insurance you use year round. If you
have insurance now, make sure they have included trade shows and if
not add the JA show to your existing policy. If you have no
insurance at all you should get it. Gangs of thieves are present at
all shows, especially the NY JA so under any circumstances be

Tom Kruskal


I have exhibited in the JA show before, and although it is not the
organizers’ job to sell insurance or provide transportation for your
jewelry, they can give you names of insurance and transportation
companies you can call. Now, those companies provide their services
within the US. The insurance company will only insure your jewelry for
the period of the show, while your stock is at the show facility. If
you need insurance before and after the show while you travel, you
should buy insurance from you local or usual insurer. You can get the
best attention from an insurance company you already know. As for the
transportation, while traveling between your country and the US, you
may have 2 choices: if you inventory is small enough to be put in a
cabin luggage, keep it with you all the time and never tell a soul
what’s in it. If your inventory is important, you should call on your
airline officer and ask them to put you jewelry in the airplane
"safe". ( it is usually somewhere in the plane where only the captain
and an officer have the access to.) Of course, many security or airline
officers will ask to check the content of your luggage: You can always
ask them to do the checking in a private area for you own security.
While in the US, for transportation of jewelry from the airport to
the show facility and vise-versa, you should rely on the company the
JA organizers referred to you. they have the experience with this kind
of goods (jewelry) and know from/to where pick/deliver at the show

Hope this has helped.

Fady Sawaya
3D jewelry designer


I bought year round insurance through a broker, however I remember
when I was initially researching my choices I found a broker who would
insure me for brief periods of time (enough to cover a trip perhaps).
Also, if you are travelling I have two suggestions. First, look into
travellers insurance. Second have your broker contact Lloyds of
London. They were the only company that would insure me for my first
year, and I expect that if you have your circumstances written into
the policy you would be covered for your entire trip.

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