Jewelers' Security - Gun safety class

Hi Folks,

I want to thank Hanuman for allowing this topic to be covered here.

As a guy who works for a gold refinery for nearly twenty years I
give this a lot of thought.

Based on lots of email I have gotten on this topic, I am willing to
organize a jewelers security class, which will include a couple hours
in a classroom and a handgun safety class. No charge for my time for
those in the jewelry biz! The bad news is I can not travel thios time
of year, so the class would be held here in Los Angeles.

For experienced gun owners I do offer tactical/defensive shooting

Many of you have requested on my classes and articles.
well, some of my best stuff can be found below.

A couple suddenly popular articles I wrote some time ago

Jewelers interested in a security or gun safety class should contact
me at 213-689-4872 (PMWest) or 213-675-6178 (cell) or 818-760-4316