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Jewelers' Schools

I am a beginner as a jeweler and just joined the Orchid Forums.

I am searching for a school where I can learn excellent metalwork
techniques and basic lapidary techniques. I hope for first-rate
instructors and a program that doesn’t cost what I make per year. :wink:

Ideally this would be located in the Southeast, but I’m not ruling
anything out.

Any recommendations would be welcome. thank you so much:

Rhonda Lockhart

I went to New Approach Jewelry School and it was an enlightening
experience. Learned everything from sawing to three stone platinum
ring fabrication.

They don’t do lapidary classes there unfortunately, but they give
you a down and dirty practical foundation in everything you need to
become an adept technical jeweler. The three month graduate bench
jeweler course that I did also included on week of engraving and a
few days of forging.

Blaine and his wife Jill are awesome people. Blaine teaches
everything using a high powered microscope camera projected on
several flat screen tv’s throughout the room so you can see
everything he’s doing from anywhere in the room. He also provides one
on one feedback and talks you through any problems you have.

Check the school out at:

All the best,
Alex Poh

William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris, GA

Not sure how south your “southeast” happens to be, or if you’re even
in the US, but Baltimore’s Gem Cutter’s Guild offers many intro and
advanced metalworking classes, level I and II lapidary classes, and
many other types of classes as well. Classes are taught by both pros
in the trade and also by highly-skilled hobbyists. We are a
nonprofit, so tuition is 1/3 to 1/2 what others nearby charge. Our
annual show is this Sept. 25-27 at the Howard County fairgrounds,


I would recommend joining the Florida Society of Goldsmiths (google
fsg4u). The have serious workshops at the various chapters and at
least 3 glorious 1 week workshops per year featuring awesome

Esta Jo

You might try. Stewarts Int’l School is Jupiter Fla. Contact is Jim

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Stuller Inc.

Hello Rhonda Lockhart,

The Florida Society of Goldsmiths (FSG) and the Georgia Guild of
Goldsmiths (GGG) both host workshops and classes of all levels. We
both host nationally known (and international too!) instructors that
teach you the reasons why, not just how to do a technique.

Check out our offerings in January near Daytona Beach, Florida at or
our upcoming October workshop in North Carolina near Little
Switerland at I have found these
to be the best value for your money!

My suggestion is to pick a technique (soldering was the one for me)
and take several different teachers in the same technique until you
find what works for you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, in
class or otherwise. You are on your own path, only compare your early
work to your current work. All it takes is practice. Plenty of

Jean Marie DeSpiegler

If you are looking to see if this is your calling and are not sure:
go the inexpensive route. Check your local gem club for regional
schools like William Holland (southeast geological scoocirty
offering) or the one mentioned. They are excellent foundations at
1/3-1/2 the cost. It’s been a while but William holland was $300 for
the week (room/food and instruction). You can bring or purchase your
supplies (silver, stones, etc). If you know this is your calling then
you can jump right in to the Guilds or GIA. Most of the larger
accredited schools have scholarships.

Have fun! :), Melissa


I didn’t see the original post on this thread. But if the OP wants
one on one learning, I could teach them. Can’t do it for at least a
month maybe more, but it is going to ne therapy for me. I might get
frustrated with my right hand, bur an occasional thrown hammer at a
brick wall will help me.

I was able to teach my apprentice in a summer and half to where she
is turning out wonderful work. She didn’t stop smiling for a week the
night she put her work in the jewelry case and a pair of earrings
sold that night. For those that saw the fast snap I did of her first
necklace, she has sold that design twice so far. I need someone
around so I keep going.

Now that I’m home in Orlando Fl. area, I want to get my self
scheduled to work again.

Aggie the NOT senior citizen for another month

Sounds perfect. Thanks so much.

Thanks Alex!

Very helpful input! Yes, I want to do this as inexpensively as possible. Just the getting started part.

Thanks very much!