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Jeweler's saw with longer blades?

Hi Gang,

This is me with my KC hat on, doing a little research…

I was at a show this weekend, and discovered something interesting:
French marquetry saws (for woodworking) use a blade that is
essentially a jeweler’s saw blade, but instead of being 130mm long,
it’s 160mm. (Nearly an inch longer, so 6 and change, rather than

We’ve been talking to a sawblade manufacturer about having our own
blades made for part of our woodworking line, so I asked them about
making metalworking blades 160mm long. No problem, say they.

My question is this: the silversmith part of me thinks it would be
really cool to have another inch of blade, to get really nice long
strokes. The drawback would that it’d require a custom sawframe, and
the blades would be hard to get, at least initially. I’m not so
concerned about holding them taut: our sawframes are stiff enough to
tear most blades apart, so we can tension them as tight as they’ll

I’m curious to hear what everybody else thinks about the idea of
longer jeweler’s saw blades.


Hello Brian, The blades sound fun to try. Send me a gross of 3/0 when
and if they become available. Might take some getting used to though.
Have fun.

Tom Arnold

Hi Tom,

The longer blades won’t fit your saw. They won’t fit anybody’s
saw. What I’m pondering is whether or not it’s worth making a saw to
mount them.

The saw they’re designed to fit looks like a piece of furniture. It’s
for sawing out marquetry, in French woodworking. For a look at it,
and explanation of what it does, click here:

And you thought jewelers had weird tools…


Because I don’t break saw blades any more - due to the incredible
stability of the Knew concept saws - I have a lifetime supply of
standard blades. I wouldn’t buy a bigger frame, mostly because If I
saw at my bench, the frame pretty much uses all the vertical space
between the pin and the tray. Any longer and the handle would just
hit the tray. My 2 bits worth.

Judy Hoch