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Jewelers resources in detroit or ann arbor


I currently live in new york and am lucky to have all the resources
I need at my fingertips for making my jewelry, however I may soon be
moving to theDetroit, Michigan or Ann Arbor, Michigan area and was
wondering about resources there.

Studios with rental desk space, casters, platers, supply shops,
other jewelers, any jewelers groups, overall feel there… Also any
online sites that may be helpful if there are not local resources.

Any help would be deeply appreciated!
Its scary to move!
Thank you!

Check out the Michigan Silversmith’s guild:


G&S gold, is in ann arbor. i’ve used them before and they seem to be
lovely people. google them for their web site. i bet they could
point you to many sources for which you are searching.


Hi, is local in Ann Arbor.

ps. Welcome!