Jewelers Health Insurance?

Years ago I got my health insurance by belonging to an artists’
group in Maine. Recently I have been covered through my husband’s
place of work, but that is getting ready to end with the rising cost
of health insurance. I was wondering if anyone knew of groups that
jewelers or artists can join that offer health insurance to their

Thanks for any help.

Beth in SC who spent the day watching her daughter’s softball team
win the trophy for the “best of the worst” at a tournament and now
has a sunburn to go with the trophy!

Hi Beth,

MJSA has some health insurance available. The National Association
for Self-Employed does too. I think there might be something with the
American Silversmithing org.??? I don’t know any specific about
these. You might also check with Crafts Report as far as information
on what other groups might make this available too.

In Oregon, if you have a business of two or more there are insurance
companies required to accept you for insurance regardless of
pre-existing conditions and at what I think are competitive rates to
larger employers/groups - in case anyone from Oregon is reading this
thread and doesn’t already know that.


consider joining CERF, MJSA or SNAG also the proffessional womens
jewelers association has good coverage plans. if you need more info
write me ther are other sources as well.