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Jeweler's former live

I enjoyed Kevin’s list of paid activities! Mine isn’t as long or as
exotic, but here are the ones I can think of, in imprecise order:

coffee shop attendant
shrimp plant worker (very brief)
sleeper/dreamer (for research)
substitute teacher
sketch artist @ Busch Gardens
art slide order processor
slide projectionist
calligraphy instructor
ceramics instructor
jewelry instructor


This is my first post on Ganoksin. I have been reading it, however,
since Dec. 2005. I am a beginner and I’m just about to buy a torch.
(A SmithQuickbraze for propane-oxygen) My former lives: Grew up on
East Coast 3 years as a music major, dropped out of college, moved to
West Coast Deli worker, dinner theater caterer Dental assisting 15
years Tired of poverty, went to dental hygiene school Hygienist for
10 years Certified personal trainer 3 years Beading and bending metal
Reading a lot of books on jewelry making: Revere, McCreight, McGrath,
and others Chainmaille artist since Thanksgiving 2006 Learning web
design at home from books Took first in-person jewelry workshop last
weekend I’m still a hygienist 3 days a week. I hope to start selling
pieces in January of 2008. I have seen so much beautiful jewelry just
from reading this thread!! The Ramseys’ sites (jewelry and
woodcarving) are both fabulous! And several others that just knocked
my socks off!!


Okay, I’ll get in on the act, here are some of jobs I’ve had:

weekend receptionist at a real estate office
"model" for orthodic devices for doctors trying to take the test 

be certified (note trying)
temp at paint can factory
secretary to the office manager at a Real Estate Investment Trust
temp resetting the nail supplies at K-mart
temp at office furniture sales place
temp at GE Information Services (where the boss printed out her
email, wrote her responses, I typed in)
apprentice real estate appraiser
jewelry appraiser
apprentice to art jeweler
apprentice to bench jeweler
stone picker in a wedding/engagement ring factory
software instructor at computer store
SAT/ACT test prep instructor
metalsmithing instructor
PMC instructor
youth organizer at a not for profit
helper at art fair
self employed in e-commerce

I’m sure there are more horrible jobs I’ve blocked out. Those are the
ones that come to mind.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

I have to add a sequel to my thread: As one of my former lives, I
stated that I taught 3rd grade with only one year college, on a “Dire
Emergency Certificate” after W.W.II in my hometown!!! WELL…this
past Monday night I had a call from one fellow of the first
class…he and his 9 remaining classmates from 1947-48 have invited
me to their 50th Year Celebration of High School Graduation! He says
they have agreed that I was the first, young, pretty teacher they
ever had!!! Wow! I was 19!! ( My mother and I are both graduates of
the same school - she is the oldest living graduate (102 3/4) and
going strong!!!)

He’s a Cabinet Maker, retired!!!, and wants to learn the
Silversmithing and lapidary skills - So I have a new student 2nd time
around. Life couldn’t be better, and I am having a ball!

OK, I’m in too. I have the little mineral collection I started at age
8, and my Mom still has some of the awful jewelry I made in high
school. Went to college and decided sophomore year to forget being
practical for once, and just do what I love - so I concentrated in
the jewelry classes and got my BA in studio art (not that THAT ever
got me a job!) Had a range of incredibly boring jobs during the
school year and summers. After graduation spent a year with a
manufacturing jeweler doing mainly repairs, then joined a relatively
new custom jewelry business and stayed 15 years. For the past 15
years I’ve had my own shop. I’ve been fortunate. One of many
advantages: two Norwich Terriers as my official greeters!

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