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Jewelers benches


hello out there. this is the first time i have done this. i am
wondering if anyone has some good general measurements to build a
good workbench for jewellery. i want to make my own as i am a poor
struggling artist. i have the wood and i think i could wing it but i
would prefer to hae some kind of guidelines…if there are any. thankyou


Tim McCreight has plans for two simple benches in the back of The
Complete Metalslmith
. My husband was able to build me a quite
servicable bench by using those plans. It’s not pretty, but it’s


10.47$ @


Check out Tim McCreight’s, ‘The Complete Metalsmith’.

There are 4 pages (166 thru 169 in my edition) with instructions,
pictures & material list for a jewelers bench.


10.47$ @


Tim McCreight’s book The Complete Metalsmith has plans for a bench.

Rick Hamilton

10.47$ @


you might check the July and August issues of Lapidary journal for
bench plans. They offered a 2 part article about making a portable
(but sturdy) bench including a materials list, detailed instructions
and photos.