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Jeweler Steals from the Rich


To all, Just got this today, passing it along without comment or
verification. Teresa

Jeweler Steals from the Rich

Jack Hasson, a jeweler from posh Palm Beach, Florida, was found
guilty on six counts of fraud. On February 25, 2000, a jury decreed
that this society jeweler, with clients as well known as Jack Nicklaus
and Greg Norman, is responsible for cheating wealthy clients of $80
million. Hasson is now facing a prison term of up to 65 years and fines
of $162 million.

Hasson is charged with selling fake, flawed, filled, irradiated and
even painted stones which he passed off as “the real thing.” Not only
did he claim these stones to be of high quality, he even attached
stories of fame and celebrity to many pieces. For instance, in one case
Hasson told a customer he was buying Loni Anderson�s engagement ring
as well as other jewels from collection of Dior and Carol Lombard. Of
course, the stories, along with the stones, were false. A special ruse
of Hasson�s was to sell cubic zironiums and claim they were diamonds.
In one case, he sold a piece worth $141 for $1.5 million.

Besides selling fake stones, he is also charged with replacing stones
on pieces he was asked to repair. (This is every one�s nightmare when
leaving expensive pieces for repair). Jack Nicklaus charged that not
only did this jeweler replace a $35,000 diamond and ruby ring with fake
stones, but that he did it again in the same ring when he complained.