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Jeweler seeking job

Several months ago I posted an inquiry as to where to look for job
listings. I didn’t get any responses on the where to look question
but did receive a couple of offers. So I guess here is where to
look. I was just beginning my preliminary ground work and was not in
the position to pursue any of the offers at that time. I now have my
web page up with my portfolio and resume. I am currently employed by
a great company that I have been with with for the past ten years. I
have a great job but would like to live somewhere other than Dallas
Texas. My first choice would be somewhere in the Northwest but I
will consider anywhere. I do not want to make the change until after
the New Year so as not to leave during the Holiday season. I have
made my current employer aware of my intentions. I have attached a
link to my web site so please have a look around. Any suggestions as
to possible positions or comments on the site would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help, Tim