Jeweler on the Move

Well, I’ve finally made one of the biggest investments I’ll ever
make; I bought a house and moving to another part of the state.
Here’s the kicker: now I really need to work to help make the
mortgage payments. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been on the bench since 2002 and I can do the typical ring
sizing up and down, sizing beads, repronging. I can also remove and
solder heads, finish out castings that sort of thing. I can so
stone setting (rounds) but I am going to the stone seminar Stuller is
having in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping this helps me to hone my
fancy cut setting work too. Has anyone taken this seminar and has it
helped them?

I’ll be in Sherman, Texas area but I am willing to come to work
anywhere in a hour’s commute. This includes McKenney, Plano, Frisco,
Dennison or up into Oklahoma but I’m not as familiar with that area.
hope there’s someone out there who can throw me a lead. I really
don’t want to have to go back to work for Target. Great place to shop
and work but I’d rather work on the bench.

Rene’ Howard