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Jeweler needs equipment to start anew

Hello all,

I have a stone supplier requesting some equipment for a friend of
his who wants to get back into the business.

What he needs is a hand pump wax injector and a vulcanizer. He can’t
afford to go with an injector requiring an air compressor at this

If anyone needs to sell theirs or has spares they can part with,
please contact me off list (or on, I’m not fussy!).

Thank you in advance!
Paul D. Reilly


I have a large handpump-operated wax injector equipped to upgrade
easily for use with a compressor, and a vulcanizer (old but good last
time I checked). I also have add-ons for both: mold frames, clamps,
misc. I’ll have to think a bit about pricing.

I’m in the L.A. California area and would prefer pick-up to shipping,
so a lot depends on where your contact is located. If a lot of
packing hassle for shipping is involved the price will reflect it
above and beyond shipping costs. I have a few other jeweler’s items
I’m thinking of selling including an old but very functional Swest
10-amp electroplater with add-ons (anodes, stainless containers,
glassware, etc.) and maybe a few other items.

Rick Martin