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Jeweler Needed

My name is Michael Chapman and I am the current jeweler at Noble House
Jewelry in Overland Park Kansas, close to Kansas city, USA. My wife will
be going to grad school in the fall at Florida State University so I will
be leaving at the end of July. We are in need of a jeweler with wax
carving skills, knowledge of many phases of stone setting, and many of the
other areas that accompany a head jeweler position. We currently have
three stores and all of the work is completed at our first location in
Overland Park. If you are interested or have questions e-mail me off list
at, Thanks, Michael Chapman

FAST-FIX JEWELRY REPAIRSĀ® in Southcenter Mall (just south of
Seattle, Washington) is accepting applications for a full or part-time
jeweler to join their team.

To learn more about the company go to

To send an application or enquire about the position, please e-mail
Clarence Jenkins at

Best regards,
Elizabeth Paulsen, President
Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc.