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Jeweler loop

I am interested in obtaining a jeweler’s loop for close up
observation. Do you have any recommendations for a moderately or low
priced loop? Thanks, Valerie

I have two 10x loupes that I use. One is a B&L Hastings Triplet
which I believe is probably the standard of the industry. The other is
a Zeiss with plastic case. Both are in the 50-dollar range if I’m not
mistaken. I can’t tell any difference between the two as far as
quality goes. My advise, though, is to not waste your money on a cheap
loupe. When it comes to optics, you definitely get what you pay for.
The better loupes will be sharp from edge to edge as opposed to sharp
in the middle and blurry as you go away from center.

Sam Alfano
master engraver

Hi Valerie, you can find a loupe at any jewelers supply store, or if
you’re from a smaller town your local jeweler will probably order one
for you. You should be able to get one for $20-30. Mike

Hello all

To get a perfect loupe for very less money , doing approx. 10 to 12
times. Take some old binoculars, field glasses, and take the oculars
out. they give to perfect loops. These ones are better than my Zeis
loupe, less edge deformation.

Martin Niemeijer