Jeweler for Profit

I am a manufacturing jeweler with over 30+ years in the jewelry
industry. I grew up working in the retail industry, owning a
trade business and eventually returning to retail ownership. I
now work as Shop Foreman for one of the best retail stores in
the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

On September 13, I took the opportunity to attend a Jeweler for
Profit seminar in Dallas. I found the “Jeweler for Profit”
pricing guide and seminar something that the retail industry
avidly awaits. We have always grabbed the price from the hip,
without realizing our production cost and return on investment.
We missed the consistency on pricing, giving our customers
something to question. Trying to generate sales on pricing
structure without regard to profit negates our focus on the
bottom line. We all want to make a Profit. Are we willing to
take measures that are necessary to make our operation
profitable, while chancing the loss of employees? If we want to
continue, the answer is yes!

The key is to continue training of all key sales personnel and
working with the individuals in the production department, to
maximize our revenue potential.

David, gave the attendees the direction, all we have to do is
follow the map.

I must also recognize Renie S. Geller, her background in Human
Resources gives the employer insight on possible ramifications
of employment disputes and issues of interviewing. Renie has
devoted her expertise to an area in which all employers need a
more rounded education. Renie’s presentation is a real plus to
the seminar and quite an added bonus. I would advise any
retailer to attend the seminar. We are missing the hidden
revenue potential in our business and ignoring the losses that
affect our bottom line.

I hope that the event will be expanded to two days of training.
David and Renie have much more to present than can be absorbed
in eight hours. They are a wonderful team and gave everyone some
very good ideas for making profit.


Roger W. Kitchens