Jeweler at Beaux arts fair Davenport 1994

Hi guys,

I’ve been contacted by someone looking for a jeweler who did a
certain show in 1994! Are you the jeweler? If so, please write and
I’ll send your contact info. to them.

I thought it was great that they want to track down the original

Here are the details:

I am contacting you to find out if you made a ring that my
sister purchased at the Beaux Arts Fair in Davenport, IA in
1994. She located her receipt which was rather faded, but was
able to read the words “Studio 925” on it. The ring is 14 Karat
and has one smooth garnet stone.

I am attaching a photograph of the ring. If you did not make
it, perhaps you can help direct me to the artist that made it?

The reason that I am inquiring is that my husband and I are
wanting to have a ring made for his mom and we really like the
design of my sister’s ring.


It may be a jewelry studio in Novato, CA. There was one there called
’Studio 925 and I believe it’s still in business. Has the person
tried ‘googling’?


I live in Davenport and I called the city but they do not have
records of who the vendors were in 1994. A few years back, yes, but
14, no.

I’ll try another avenue but I wouldn’t hold my breath…