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Jewel Cad - exporting to STL

Hi to all

I’m having a dilemma with jewel cad program I always used solid
works to design our models, for company’s reasons we had to switch
to jewel cad, now, the problem is jewel cad has problem with STL
format and we have been using the Viper since we started
implementing cad to our designs, I’ve tried to send Jewel Cad office
in Honk Kong an email but no answer yet infect I’ll try to call them

I’ve heard of the photo imaging process (prefatory!!) Envision which
you have to slice the file and then send it to the (prefatory RP
program) and what it does, it slice it again which results in a
better resolution.

The Question that I’ll like to be answered is, can anyone there have
a way around this, exporting to STL), hence we do like the speed on
the Jewel Cad.

Thank you all in advance
Dikran N.

Dikran, Are you talking about JewelCad or JCad?

JCad is the design software that comes with the Meiko SLA machine.
It doesn’t do STL files well at all. The Meiko machine uses SLC files
from the JCad and doesn’t seem to be particular about whether it is
printing a solid or not.

Your Viper should be able to take “watertight stl” files with no
problem. The Perfactory will also.

I am not sure if JewelCad will produce watertight models. Most of
the folks I know that use it use CNC milling machines and don’t need
watertight models.

James McMurray