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Jensen Knives Atlanta Appearance & Presentation

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to extend an invitation to Orchid members in the
Atlanta area that may be interested in seeing my work in person, or
learning more about my knives.

I’m going to be in town Sep 3-6th At “Dragon Con”. Dragon Con is the
worlds largest Sci-Fi, horror, fantasy, Etc. convention in the U.S…
It’s something a bit different, but I’ve always been curios to check
it out. I was invited to come & exhibit from one of the guys who saw
my presentation at the last SNAG conference in St. Petersburg. So, I
thought what the hell! It’s basically a non-stop party with
20,000-30,000 people!

I will also once again be giving my PowerPoint presentation from the
SNAG conference @ 2:30 Sunday afternoon. I thought you folks would
be interested, there will certainly be plenty of inspiration for the
creative mind! I hope to see many of you, so please come, introduce
yourselves, & support knives!

Check out for more info.

Thanks, Sincerely,

John Lewis Jensen
(626) 449 - 1148