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Jen Lane - Bench Exchange

USA Hi my name is Jen Lane and Here is my work bench or should I say work benches
that last picture is Me hard at work, yup that’s a wheel chair.
I know how to work hard. would also be willing to trade for anything I have. please I need to make a living. I am making chasing tools to sell to get jewelers tools. But I am not making enough to stay fed, as you can see I have very little to work with and It will be a while. first challenge a workbench that will work with a wheel chair your sight has inspired its design, now I have to build it. the kitchen is going to be my work shop but I love my view I just don’t love packing up every day and lost days due to rain. That porch is not dry.

if you can use chasing and repousse tools I would gladly trade also have a few stones uncut. Jen lane 305 304 9994 po box 431341 big pine key fl 33043