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Jelrus wax injector


I am searching the web for a replacement part for my Jelrus wax
injector and i am encountering difficulties. Would you know where i
could contact a dealer that handles the product.

The part that i need replaced is the Jelrus Injection Nipple.

Thanks for your help.

My location in Canada is Edmonton Alberta


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You may need only the O rings, Gasket or the spring. The other parts
need not be replaced. Make sure before you spend a lot of money.
They are not cheap. If you have a picture e mail it to me and I can
let you know more. Jelrus may have had more than one model.

Kenneth Singh

By using
njector I found several sites offering the product, you could also
check at and submit a inquiry for the

Good luckā€¦
Terri Collier
Dallas, TX