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Jeffrey McWhinney - Jewelry Gallery

McWhinney Designs
San Rafael, CA. USA

I am a Journeyman Machinist/CNC programmer/CAD designer with years of work in microstructure research, precision optics and titanium bicycle component design.

My primary goal making jewelry is to create designs that specifically speak to what “guys” get off on- function, craftsmanship, high technology, practicality. Wedding bands are my focus because I want my pieces to be important and lasting. And… I’m a hopeless romantic.


Materials: Titanium, 18k gold, diamond
Dimensions: Size 11

Openable wedding band. Fingernail activated.

Photo credit: Kim Larson


Materials: Titanium, 18k gold, diamond, sapphires
Dimensions: Size 8.5

Openable wedding band. Squeeze to unlatch.

Photo credit: Kim Larson


Materials: Titanium, 14k gold
Dimensions: Size 9

Adjustable wedding band. Left and right hand thread. Rotate for one ring size adjustment.

Photo credit: Kim Larson

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