Jealousy & paranoia running rampant

Alan, Sorry about the crotechety old dude. I believe that your
idea is right, share everything. My husband and I spent almost
2 years under the yoke of another crappy old dude, who had us
convinced that every little “secret” he taught us…when we
were allowed access to the “secret” stuff that is…was his
alone. Nobody else knew it.

Then I found Orchid. And we found that all the “secrets” were
fairly common knowledge. And I brought him “secrets” from
Orchid members. He would scream at us about them…(how DARE we
look to anyone else and all that stuff) but two months later
present them back to us as “his” secrets. LOL!

So anyway, obviously you outgrew the abuse and we did too, and
all hail sharing “secrets” and “inside” info.

Shaking my head at the fools who won’t share,