Je revien

I’ve been away for ages - poorly, ill, sick and not well due to the
after-effects of a Whipple’s procedure following pancreatic cancer.

I’m back in the workshop.

. and back here bothering people again.

Glad you’re back.


Look for a neuro endocrine cancer support group. They are wealth of
and friendship. My most wonderful sincere full of life
friends. Hugs Terrie

Welcome back, Tony. I appreciate your contributions to this
wonderful site.

I wish you continually improving health.

Dennis Fisher

Oh Tony, So sorry that you have been in a battle with pancreatic
cancer, but very glad to see you posting again. Here’s hoping that
the medical interventions are completely successful and that you can
be at the bench for many years to come.

Judy in Kansas, where spring seems ready - bulbs coming up, crocus
and forsythia blooming. Bought gladiolas to put in the ground this
week. YEA!!

My best friend went through a whipple procedure also - I don’t envy
you the troubles, but it sure sounds like you’re going at it with a
good attitude.

Good luck, and certainly my best wishes go out to you!