[JCK Vegas] Foredom demos

I will be doing demos for the Foredom tool company at the JCK Vegas
Show. I will be in Booth 60001 Kassoy tools. Please stop by to say
hello if you have a chance. We will have on hand the 1/3 HP TX model,
the 1/6 HP SR model and the high torque LX series that is known for
it’s High torque at low speeds. I will also have my new favorite
tool, the new Micromotor- brushless high torque, high speed desk top
unit with speed and cruise control. call me a tool nerd, but this
thing is cool,

Along with the BL bench lathe and a collection of accessories I will
also have the Allset. Demos will go on through out the day. Please
stop by to heckel me. But more importantly, please tell me your
favorite thing about your Foredom tools, it will help me do my job

Much respect to the Makers.
wayne werner