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JCK April 2002 Issue

For novices like me, I found the in the latest JCK issue
(April 2002) pretty interesting - and these relate to recent Orchid
topic discussions.

  1. Strategies for Selling article by Brad Huisken - ‘Asking the
    Right Questions’ - (start dialogue with customers/potential
    customers with ‘Who, What, When Where, Why, How and Tell me’) - for
    shy folks like me it’s great practical advice!

  2. Also the article on pricing custom design work - includes some
    actual examples - of course I especially like the pricing rationale
    on Dave Wiggins’ platinum/gold/emerald earrings. If you don’t
    subscribe, check their website - - might be posted
    there (I haven’t checked) or check with another jeweler buddy and
    look at their issue. (BTW I read alot of trade mags. every month, not
    just this one! Just trying to be fair and balanced). As always,
    thanks for the help and great info each day - I love it! Happy New
    Year, Hanuman!! JoAnn Dean