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Japanese (textile?) design book


I am in a rambling mood this morning and had a thought about a design book i once perused, that i cannot recall the title of, that i would very much like to find and buy…and thought i would inquire on Orchid to see if anyone could identify it!

So! I was taking a jewelry drawing class. after having also taken a wax carving class, at a little store/ studio, in Arcadia, CA, run by two sisters, who were fabulous jewelers and wax carvers…Kazumi Art…

(I tried to find the studio sgain, but it was no longer there…)

Anyway, the book was about design…japanese…textile(?)…

it had many line drawn illustrations of a sort evolution through variation…which mirrored my absolute favorite design quote of all time…found in one of my favorite books of all time…”Jewelry Making and Design”, by Augustus F Rose and Antonio Cirino…

page 177

“ The gap between studying designs and creating them is wider than expected. If this gap is not bridged by some means by which the student can easily make his way across from the ability of imitation to that of creation he will find that his efforts will be difficult at the very outside. There seems to be no better way of bridging the space done by the problem of variation, which lies just between imitation and creation;It takes the work up where copying ends and carries it across to the point we’re creating begins.”

anywhoo, back to the elusive book…

for example…it took an okra, and sliced it shortways, longways, and drew the segments and seeds…then took those studies and made further variations of the segments, and the seeds, and the lines, and then again more variations…creating interesting and beautiful designs!..

if anyone has suggestions as to what this book might be i would be forever appreciative!

my hunt continues!



Please let me know what f you ever find it it’s name sounds fantastic

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i will definitely share it here if i ever set eyes on it again!

The slow decline of brick and mortar bookstores has put a serious crimp in my book discovering!

I like to check out the table of contents and flip thru books, which is hard when looking online, if you do not already know the title…

there are a few amazing second hand bookstores near me…one has 2 kitties!..i love to spend time in those…

If anyone knows of the current contact info for Kazumi Art that would be incredible…the older sister made exquisite wax carved figurines as well! she was a master at the pick and alcohol lamp…she had intuitive heat/ wax/ hand control!


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I have found many excellent pattern / design books at Dover Publications - _ just a quick search turned up several on Japenese designs and patterns - Good hunting!

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Do a google search…"Japanese Textile Design books… there are several listed and some very inexpensive. Would love to know if one of these is what you are looking for. I lived in Japan for 3 years and would like to get a good book on design.

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thank you!

This isn’t the book you’re looking for but I got a lot out of it: Notan the Dark-Light principle of Design. Authors: Bothwell/Mayfield.

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thank you!

I’m just starting the book: Drawing For Graphic Design written by Timothy Samara. The author has a large following because he is really good. I find it challenging because I have no training in design. And I find it very satisfying when I dig through it. He has written a confusingly large number of books, all of which are expensive. This one might be the most relevant for jewelry-makers. I paid around $50 used. Hard to find but worth the search. Happy reading!

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I’d be happy to send the Notan book to you, no cost. I completed the exercises so I’m happy to let it go. Might take a couple of weeks (or months) to get there from here in Canada.