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January 12th/ 2019, newest essay!


This newest technical essay took me a period of 4 weeks, from receiving this diamond setting project until the completion of this essay.The “10 karat gold tooth” essay has an estimated 39 photographs all describing the beginning of the project until it got ready for giving this back to my client.

The assortment of many sizes of 139 diamonds are for only the “upper dental tooth-covering”. It was much to think about and planning during the actual setting. I recorded and noted via photographs every single detail as I progressed further.

I sincerely hope that one day you too will learn and experience such wonderful diamond setting projects. I want you to put much of these essays into your own growing library of helpful setting techniques. BTW, my client is very anxious to see this essay and tooth-covering for himself.

Enclosed are only a few of the photographs from this essay…Enjoy, enjoy!



Thank you for sharing your essays .

nice grill. I’m sure your client will like it.