James in SoFL

Hi folks,

I noticed that people have responded to the long post James made on
gem id. I have been trying to reach him since Wilma hit Broward
County, where he lives, and have received no response, so he probably
isn’t reading your posts. Broward was hit badly–no deaths, but lots
of destruction–and current estimates by the utilities company are
that some people may not have power until November 22. I would bet
James himself is okay–he’s an old hand at surviving these
things–but we probably are going to be missing him on Orchid for a

If you pray, go ahead.

Lisa Orlando


Just an update from Broward County, FL. (I’m more of a lurker than a

About half the people that lost power have their power back up.
Also, he may have power, but the phone lines (DSL) and cable lines
are also down for some. Hope he’s ok.