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James Binnion's Teapot


Dear Mr. Binion. I finally took a picture of my small bowl… It
did raise rather easily considering all the layers… I did not
de laminate at all. But my billet was rather small. I loved
your size and would still love to see a picture of it. Yes, that
would be rather lot of hammering. I can remember just forging
the layers down to a useful size. Not easy but the end product
was so neat. Can you get your teapot on the computer so I could
see it. I am IBM compatible…My son sent me a Shanghai game and
his apple application would not download for anything… When
will they ever get it so we can download anything. some day…
thanks a gain for the sizes of your pot. How about the spout.
Was that hard to make???and what did you use for the handle??
thanks calgang