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We believe that fine jewelry is a physical manifestation of a powerful memory. That everyone deserves to sparkle. That jewelry should be fun, fashion-forward and timeless. We believe in sourcing the best gemstones without harming our world's resources and that recycled metal is a buyer's best friend. We believe that good design shouldn't cost a fortune. And that everyone should try on a new type of jewelry experience.

Welcome to Salt + Stone. A fine jewelry company based in Brooklyn, NY, all of our jewelry is hand-made, made in the USA and created with love and care. We pay attention to the details so you don't have to.

Materials: 18KT Yellow Gold, Emerald Cut, Carre, Cushion Cut Diamonds, Dimensions: 15mm x 6mm, Graduates down to 3mm thickness, Size 8

True love is hard to find. When you find it, you are instantly enveloped with all it’s joy, beauty and mystery. Suddenly the world is bright and colorful. What would you do if you lost that love? When widows unite over shared experiences and are brave enough to open up their hearts again, sometimes the result is pure magic. These two very special sweethearts turned their tragedies into a hopeful romance when they they met online. We wanted to create a piece that kept their love safe this second time around. The diamond castle is a testament to anyone who believes in happily ever after.

Photo credit: Christina Tisi-Kramer

Wheat Garland

Materials: 18KT Rose Gold, Oval Diamond
Dimensions: Oval = 3x6m, Metal thickness = 2mm, Size 7

This particular piece was created for a gorgeous woman involved in the film industry. The ring to was created to feel like a golden crown of wheat, like the Romans would often place in their hair for adornment. Rome is the birthplace of many modern marvels, including drama. The Roman Colosseum is where the art of entertainment began. And thank goodness it did. How often do we go to a play, a movie or watch a favorite TV show and get swept away into the story? It’s an amazing art form and this ring was designed to encourage her to keep going. And for her to know that she is the star of her husband’s life. He loves her so much we don’t think words could ever describe his affection. Hopefully this gave her some understanding of his devotion.

Photo credit: Christina Tisi-Kramer

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Wave Ring

Materials: Platinum, Gold, White Natural Diamonds, Lab-grown Blue Diamond
Dimensions: 10mm diameter on wave motif, 2mm thickness, Size 7

This blushing bride approached us to create a stunning ring for her gorgeous fiancee. She wanted something unique that not only captured their love story, but something that made a statement. We think we all got our wish with this stunning ring reminiscent of waves crashing onto the sandy shores.

Photo credit: Christina Tisi-Kramer

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Emerald City Cocktail Ring

Dimensions: 23x11mm, 2mm metal thickness

The Emerald City was so bright its constituents were required to wear green tinted glasses to shield them from the rays. I warn you that a similar device may be required after slipping me on your finger. My custom cut Amethyst cabochon,set in a silky, regal, bright polish of 18KT yellow gold, glitters a deep dark purple. The experience is deepened by a brilliant green glow of Tsavorite. How can you not be seduced by my timeless, classic and innovative design? I’m sure to spark a conversation or two. And when they ask you can say “Oh, this old thing? I just picked it up on one of many journeys.” Maybe down the road least expected.

Dark Blue Gumdrop Band Ring

Dimensions: 3mm wide

Athena, the greek goddess of war and wisdom might not immediately come to mind while you are being seduced by my succulent colors. But did you know that dark blue lapis was often worn to honor this deity? It makes sense as lapis is widely viewed as a symbol for wisdom and nobility. It’s no mistake that this gemstone has been paired with a milky green chalcedony which harmonizes body, mind and spirit. Pair this with citrine, “the stone of the mind” and you have a brilliant piece concerned with tapping into your inner qi. I’m a ring that will happily bring out the geek in you. Be proud of the nerd you are! Not only are you smart, but now you just became a little bit more stylish. You’re welcome.