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JA - The Test- Room for Grandmaster Status?

Looks like there is room at the top…

My list of additional tests for “Grandmaster” in metalsmithing

Make complete set of bench tools for following projects:

Design and make 1 placesetting of sterling flatware.
One matching holloware item.

Alloy 2-3 gold color alloys from 24k- make gents intanglio crest ring.
locating and mining gold gets extra credit.

Outline for comprehensive jewelry book- complete one chapter
including line drawings, photographs and one engraved copper
plate as illustrations. (completed book must eventually be
published- extra points if it makes best seller list)

Convince famous national figure to take leave of absence to become
proctor (in interest of national security?) and award crest ring in
payment for service.

Rick Hamilton
Richard D Hamilton, Jr.