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J.Grahl Design. Titanium Fabrication


Rustic (by design)
So here is the beginning of a new era, Hand forged Titanium, precise in every dimension…
And inscribed with the soul of a waterman…
Brian Webb is a world class free diver and spear fisherman, fearless his element, and the same when asking me to create a piece that captured his love of the ocean.
Hand fabricating titanium is one of the most difficult of metal working projects.
It takes far longer than platinum, but, the benefits are great when it comes to jewelry.
Wonderful color (will polish exactly like platinum) 10 times the strength and light as a feather.
Added to this is hand engraving in a Hawaiian “Tapa” pattern. The intention is to be rustic, replicating the hand drawn & painted patterns of these Polynesian pieces of art.
Brian… thanks for your bravery and trust.


Neat! I love it when my passion for freediving collides with my interest in jewelry. I’ve actually been thinking about developing a small line for freedivers and spearos, but just haven’t really gotten around to it too much yet beyond some preliminary design ideas. I like your more rustic approach to the engraving and emulating more of the Polynesian culture’s artwork.

Thanks for sharing as always!



Thank you for showing what can be achieved with a little patience. This is truly a unique piece . Yo said that you mde it as a one off for your friend . Again it shows the respect that you have for him.
Thanks Suzanne


Awesome! The honu(turtle), aloha,angi in hana


Hi all,
Thanks for the great notes.
There is going be a water oriented gallery coming up pretty soon as well.
Here are a few more piece in the Titanium world.
These are older pieces and quite varied, however all churned out of the shop here .
The first is a man’s wedding band, intended to be very classic in rendition.
The second is a titanium and rose gold piece with a celtic flavor for an very Irish-Irishman.
Notice the scaring on the top , the heart in particular. This is the result of catching a foot peg on your Harley while chasing a sport bike down a mountain road… Along with the slight ring alteration, went 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung and multiple breaks inthe left arm… The ring did better !
The third is a piece constructed for a competitive Boxer. Made in titanium, platinum and black jade.
The fourth is a titanium core,
stacked with hand pierced platinum scroll-work and capped with 18K yellow bands.





All amazingly beautiful, wish I’d studied with someone like you back in the day!